This story started about 10 years ago with an idea, endless dreams and a book that I published then; it was called “Simply HIM” and it simply meant THE BEGINNING!

I grew up in a world full of writing, music, dance, theater and wonderful people, blending into a mix between creativity and strategy. There I created my first projects – events, sponsorship activities, artistic management, PR activities and Social Media management I would call them today. Back then, I was only calling them ”sparkle in the eyes”, ”butterflies” and delight, passion…

I took this complex fascination and poured it in everything that represents a Communication performance: Event Planning, Brand Activation, Copywriting, Content Writing and many others.

Today, I am a Creator of Experiences, totaling almost 6 years of event planning, 4 years in the Communication field and over 10 years since I started writing. I’m driven by diversity, dynamism, continuous change and I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by so many beautiful people. I am jumping around between personal projects and clients; I am a girlfriend, a daughter, a granddaughter, a friend (and all the other “human functions”) and I am an entrepreneur, usually the woman behind the scene.

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Despre Andreea-Carla Mureșan